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Are you outfitting a new commercial space? RRE Red Raider Electric has the new construction electricians for your project in Lubbock, TX. We've installed systems for shopping centers, clinics, office spaces and more. From making cosmetic changes like switching out light fixtures to rewiring portions of your space, we can do it all.

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Your commercial system will meet your needs when we're done with it. Our commercial electricians take care of:

  • Installing wiring, outlets and lighting fixtures
  • Increasing the load of a system by upgrading electrical panels
  • Integrating efficient solutions like LED lighting and smart controls

No matter what kind of work your space needs, we'll adhere to building codes and follow safety regulations to ensure your system is up to par. Discuss your project with a new construction electrician today.

Find out why you should hire us

When you need commercial electrical repair work, you have a lot of options for who you could hire. Make the decision quick and easy by choosing RRE Red Raider Electric of Lubbock, TX. We know we're a great option for you because we:

Address issues head-on
Help prevent future issues
Stay transparent with all work
Attend specialized training sessions
Are professional with everything we do
Offer competitive pricing for all services

Rest assured that your electrical system is in good hands with us. Call us today to schedule an appointment for electrical repair services.